How we can apply and Get a new MOI Qatar ID?

In this blog, we will take a comprehensive and detailed review of the steps that how can apply for a new MOI Qatar ID. It must be taken to procure an MOI Qatar ID card and passport, and steps must be taken to create your identity within Qatar. How does filling out an application form to get a civil ID card take?

This article can be divided into two parts one section will provide information about the citizens of Qatar and the other will talk about foreign people who live or work in Qatar

There are two types of IDs for Qatari citizens

State of Qatar ID card For Qatari citizens:

qatar id with flag

Qatari citizens and Qatar residents can apply for their civil ID card through the Qatar Internal Security Forces website Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar. What moi official documents need to be submitted to apply?

  • A completed application form can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • A Fresh personal Passport-size photo (below 12 years or above 65 years old)
  • Proof of Qatari citizenship or residency.
  • Copy of Parent’s ID Cards
  • Consent of Guardian.
  • Driver’s license to verify identity

You can download your application form from the Moi service center or their official website for civil ID. After completing this, you will have to visit the service center of the Ministry of Interior. You will need to submit your documents. The civil ID card fee is almost  Qatari One hundred Rials. Issue or Renewal QR 100, Replacing Lost or Damaged QR 400.

A civil ID card will be issued to you after your request is approved the process requires up to about three weeks.

The civil ID card has a photo, name, date of birth, and ID number above it, which identifies the diagonal of the up.

Qatar ID Permit:

Now, when it comes to foreigners, foreigners who live or work in Qatar. Those individuals can also apply for a civil ID card issued by the Ministry of Interior within Qatar. To apply, they also need to submit the following moi qatar official documents:

  • Completed application form.
  • Moi Qatar photos (below 12 years or above 65 years old).
  • Blood Group Certificate.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Visa to enter Qatar.
  • Proof of residence or employment in Qatar and driver’s license to identify up.

Apply form for new MOI Qatar ID:

new moi qatar id

(1-) The Signature.
(2-) Personal number.
(3-) file number.
(4-) A recent personal photo–>Size (4.83.5) –> Color + without glasses or colored lenses (in national costume for men) –>Veiled for women–>Pictures are not accepted –>Computer processing–>The background should be gray.
(5-) First-time release–>Reissuing –>Damaged replacement –>Replacement of lost (Bring original passport).
(6-) Passport ID card form.
(7-) The name–>First name –>Second name–> Third name –> Fourth name –> Fifth name.
(8-) Residential address (address registration is mandatory with the correct date).
(8.1-) The city name –>(8.2-) Area name –> (8.3-) Block number –> (8.4-) Street name –> (8.5-) Street number –>(8.6-) Phone number –>(8.7-) Work address –> (8.8-) Administration –> (8.9-) Position (profession) –> (8.10-) Job number –> (8.11-) phone number.
(9-) And Applicant’s Declaration.
(10-) I, the undersigned, declare that all the information contained in this application is correct and that I take full responsibility if anything contradicts it. That is why I sign.
(10.1-) The name –>(10.2-) card number –>(10.3-) Relationship –> (10.4-) signature

application form 2

B- Identity card number.
C- Name.
D- Notes.
E- Fingerprint Procedures.
F- Officer in charge.
F1– Date.

1- 2 personal photos.
2- A copy of the ID card.
3- A copy of the birth certificate for those who do not have an ID card.

1- A copy of the father’s and mother’s cards.
2- A copy of the birth certificate.
3- A copy of the marriage contract.

Passport issuance or replacement fees: 100 Riyals.
Lost/damaged replacement fees: 400 Riyals.

1- 2 personal photos (for those under 12 years old).
2- Original and copy of the passport.
3- A certificate proving blood type.
4- A copy of the birth certificate.
5- A copy of the parents’ ID card.
6- Approval of the guardian.
7- Attendance in person by the applicant if he is 12 years or older for the first time.

1- Letter from the employer + establishment registration.
2- A copy of the marriage contract (certified) for wives.
3- A copy of the husband’s ID card.
4- A copy of the ID card or family card.

1- Applicant’s attendance in person.
2- Bring your Moi card.
3- 2 personal photos of those above
(65 years old. They do not need to be present in person).

If you want to read more about how many types of MOI Qatar IDs are “Click Here“.

Your Questions Here:

Everyone living in Qatar needs a Qatar ID card. This is an ID card that can be used to open a bank account, buy a car, travel, and more.

Qatari citizens can apply within 21 days of childbirth or at the age of 18.

Permanent residents can apply through the website.

Both of them:

  • The application form must be completed.
  • Copies of the following documents must be submitted.
  • Passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • Fees must be paid.
  • After submitting the application, you will receive the card from the service center.

There are many benefits of Qatar ID, It can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Buying and registering vehicles.
  • Obtaining travel documents.
  • Accessing government services.
  • Getting a job in the private sector.

You can check this on the official website of MOI Qatar ID. All the procedure I will mention you in the next.

Identification card: New 100 rials.

Replacement of lost: 200 rials.

Damaged replacement: 200 riyals.

Service fees for completing electronic services: 100 riyals (For 6 years).

One-year subscription fees for electronic portals.

Stomach 2 years for 3 years: 150 riyals, 250 riyals, 250 riyals.

Passport issuance or replacement fees: 100 Riyals.
Lost/damaged replacement fees: 400 Riyals.

It is a very easy process you can perform it from an online website and also on your mobile application. I also mention a post on it click on the link for more details.

Yes you can use qatar id chaeck apps. You can also check qid delivery status and moi qatar violations also.

You can check you QID status in qatar with the help on online website and mobile application also. Metrash qatar id chaeck is the application for check everything. You can use “moi qatar id inquiries” to check the validity of your Qatar ID online. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) website allows you to enter your QID number or passport number to see if your ID is current and active. You can use moi qatar other services also.