Entry Visas for Non-work Residence

If you are also thinking of or planning on going to Qatar, you will need a Entry Visas for Non-work Residence for accommodation within Qatar. Qatar is a beautiful, charming, and interesting country. Which ink – wise is a popular place for entrepreneurs and their families.

Entry visas within Qatar for foreign and Non-Resident people are visas that allow you to enter and move around in Qatar. Without this vera, you would not be eligible to live or work there. These visas are also known under different names, including tourist visas, business visas commute visas, etc.

Right now we will talk about the facilities given by Qatari regarding the website. These are as follows:

Family Residence Visa

Entry Visas for Non-work Residence

This visa is issued to bring in one’s family (wives and children) for the first time on a residence visa,

A family residence visa within Qatar allows these immigrant residents and their next of kin to stay in the country for a long time. If you are working in Qatar and have your residency visa, you can bring any member of your family or woman to Qatar to live with you. If you wish to bring one of your family members within Qatar, a legal residency visa will be required for these individuals. A residence visa is usually required for husbands, wives, children, and in some cases, parents.

If you wish to invite one of your family members to Qatar, you must have a valid work residence permit in Qatar. Your salary should be at least 10 thousand Qatari rials about 2750 USD At the same time, you must have a Qatar ID card. If you are new to the website and want to know about the Qatar branch card process, by clicking this link you can get information about Qatar ID cards.

[ https://qataridcheck.info/what-is-moi-qid-and-how-many-types-of-qid/ ]

The term of a family residence visa is usually two years, which can be renewed later on the basis of your employment contract and residency status.

The process involves first applying for permission to enter Qatar and then for a residency visa itself. A residence visa requires you to submit a variety of documents, including your marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of residence, and other certificates.

  • Apply electronically through Metrash2
  • In order to work in the country, the applicant must have a valid residence permit.
  • Copy the passport of the expatriate host.
  • Verify the relationship by uploading the document
  • Families with members who are 18 and older should upload their Good Conduct Certificates (Police Clearance Certificates)
  • During the stay of the expatriate, he or she must have health insurance.
  • It is important that the male children are over 25 years old
  • It is important for the female children to get married.
  • It is recommended that he should be in a senior profession with an official employment contract or letter from his employer confirming his position as a senior professional.
  • According to his employment contract, he shall receive family housing from his employer, or a minimum salary of QAR 10,000 per month.
  • Employers in the private sector must have technical or specialized (non-labor) professions.
  • He shall have a salary of a minimum of QAR 10,000 or QR 6,000 with a family housing facility provided by the employer and accredited with the employment contract.


Residence visa for spouse, children, and parents of Investor, real estate owner, or beneficiary of a residential unit

This visa is given to the spouse, children, and parents of the Investor, real estate owner, or beneficiary of a residential unit

If an investor has more than one million US dollars of capital within Qatar, he or she may qualify for a permanent residence permit. This perm can also give housing benefits to his wife’s children. So we have no guarantee that his parents are included in the category that no.

If an investor sets up a business within Qatar and can also sponsor his wife and children for resident visas under the name of his company. This visa allows the wife husband and children to work Children under the age of 18 cannot be visa personnel under sponsorship. It is not possible to sponsor parents under a work visa.

  • Provide necessary documentation in support of your application.
  • Provide official proof of your kinship.
  • Official document confirming good behavior, verified by the relevant entities.
  • Successfully complete the required medical assessment outside the country, as outlined by the appropriate authorities.

MOI Services Centres and Headquarters


Residence visa for the beneficiary of a residential unit

This visa is provided for those who are beneficiaries of residential units.

Qatar is not offering a direct residency visa program for the beneficiaries of the housing unit. Owning or using a housing unit within Qatar will not enable you to personally have a housing benefit.

If you enter into a rental agreement with a Qatari citizen within Qatar for a high-quality property for at least more than six months, it is likely that you may qualify for a residence visa through your landlord.

  • Clear photocopy of the applicant’s current passport data page.
  • Written confirmation from the responsible entity regarding the applicant’s residency benefit in a housing unit.
  • Certificate of clean criminal record verified by the responsible entities.
  • Pass the overseas medical examination as mandated by the relevant entities.

MOI Services Centre


Educational Residence Visa

Approval for this type of visa will be given by the Committee Reviewing Recruitment Applications.

An educational residency visa within Qatar allows students from other countries to enter the country and stay in the country to pursue higher education. This is essentially a legal document for these students. This visa provides these students with temporary accommodation on an education basis.

This visa is for international students who have enrolled in a number of universities, colleges, or any other government-acceptable institution within Qatar. 

The duration of educational visas within Qatar is connected with the duration of the educational program of these students. It is initially released a year ago. If a student enters Qatar for a bachelor’s degree, they are provided with up to five years of renewal.

Follow the tips below for the application process:

  • Provide the necessary application materials.
  • Verification letter issued by the accredited institution.
  • Criminal background check endorsed by the appropriate authorities
  • Pass the overseas medical examination as mandated by the relevant entities.

General Directorate of Nationality, Borders and Expatriate Affairs – Headquarters MOI Services Centres

Visa for New Born Babies

This visa is for children under 6 months of age who enter the country on arrival with their mother to continue processing their residence permit.

At Port of Entry – Border Passports

Residence visa for Realestate Owner

This visa is provided for those who own real estate in the country. Buying any vehicles, or land within Qatar cannot automatically give you a residency visa. If you are earning a good Kia from this property, you can get an investment visa by applying. For this program, you usually have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes even more than a million dollars. 

An investment visa is a visa that allows a wealthy investor to live and work in Qatar.  This program requires a large multi-amount investment to qualify and as soon as you qualify for this visa, you can follow these terms and conditions to make your visa.

  • Valid passport copy
  • Letter from concerned authority mentioning the applicant is a real estate owner.
  • Good conduct certificate attested by concerned authorities
  • Pass the medical test outside the country as per the mechanism laid out by the concerned authorities

MOI Services Centre


A fee Table of Visas:

Visas NameFees
Family Residence VisaQR 200
Residence visa for spouseQAR 100
Residence visa for beneficiary of residential unit QR 200
Educational Residence VisaFree of charge
Visa for New Born BabiesThis visa is issued free of charge
Residence visa for Realestate OwnerQAR 200

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