Entry Visas for Work Residence


Entry Visas for Work Residence or a single type of permit or visa is required to work within Qatar and obtain accommodation. Could you please clarify what is typically referred to as a work-resident visa? This visa is used for two types of tasks. Your job for the purpose of entering the country and there over the long-term accommodation option allows you to have it.

To obtain this visa, a Qatari company usually acts as a sponsor for you. You have received a job offer from this company. There are some kinds of visas I mention here in my article with proper fees and terms & conditions.

Right now we will talk about three different kinds of visas below:

Work Visa on Company Sponsorship

This visa category caters to foreign workers employed by government bodies, including ministries, public institutions, and semi-government organizations. It also extends to private businesses and establishments of all kinds.

To obtain this visa, the company has applied for a work residence permit. Application processes in different stages included are according to the requirement of the necessary document filing is required. Which medical inspection and the necessary documents included are. Once everything is approved, then gets you in diameter, entering and temporary visa with permission to work is granted. 

Network resident visa the key is in diameter, which to work and live for both doors open command.

  • Official documents verify his educational background to confirm he meets the profession’s requirements.
  • Document certifying an expat’s clean criminal history, issued by their home country’s authorities and legalized by the Qatari embassy or consulate in their home country.
  • Contract between worker and employer.
  • Complete the required health checks abroad under the established guidelines.

Headquarters of the Directorate / MOI Services Department

Entry Visa on Personal Sponsorship for House Worker

This visa is issued to individuals working abroad who are employed for household duties by the sponsor. It is essential to meet specific requirements to obtain a personal visa for domestic employment within Qatar. Some points need to be kept in mind.

Not everyone can become a sponsor to get a domestic employment visa within Qatar. For example, in Qatar, unmarried men are generally not allowed to sponsor women who have domestic jobs.

To become a sponsor, you also need a good income. The sponsorship process can be complex, but it can also involve several phases that also make suggestions to hire a pro specializing in visa applications to deal with paperwork in a good way. 

To hire an employee in Qatar, a formal employment contract is required. To get a job, the applicant has to undergo his / her possible physical examination. As soon as the contract papers and physical results are completed these papers are handed over to your pro. The Pro takes responsibility for submitting your papers to the relevant authorities of the government of Qatar. If you are already employed by someone else within Qatar, he or she needs permission to exit your pre-existing sponsor before his or her visa process begins in Qatar. Domestic worker re-employed in Qatar when approved A visa for admission is found.

  • Certificate of good standing (criminal background check) provided by relevant institutions in the country of origin of the foreign national, verified by the Qatari embassy/consulate in his country of residence or the diplomatic mission.
  • Work agreement between worker and Household.
  • Pass the medical test.

Headquarters of the Directorate / MOI Services Department

Entry Visa for Work for those in the status of Household Workers

This visa is issued for foreign employees who are brought in under individual sponsorship to perform work connected to the sponsor’s home, but undertaken outside the residence to fulfill the sponsor’s personal needs. An entry work visa within Qatar can create a bit of confusion as there are two types of employees in Qatar ordinary employees and domestic workers

Domestic workers are employees who work in private homes such as housework and nannies for children, etc. Common work visas are not the subject for these domestic workers because they are subject to separate rules.

The visa of these domestic workers is possibly connected to the homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the visa is obtained. When a homeowner sponsors someone for a job visa, it is important for them to earn a good income.

There are also some laws within Qatar that ensure that domestic workers are treated well and in position. As a homeowner, you need to know issues such as minimum and required working hours and days off.

General Requirements:

  • Certificate of good behavior (Criminal background check) issued by relevant institutions in the country of origin of the foreign national, certified by the Qatari embassy in his country of residence or the diplomatic mission.
  • Work agreement between worker and employer.
  • Pass the medical test.

Special Conditions:

  • There should be a genuine need for people who provide domestic services and fulfill similar roles.
  • The number of recruits must correspond to the number of family members.
  • Verify the applicant’s financial stability in fulfilling its compensation commitments to its employees.
  • The applicant’s health status will be reviewed about the job requirements.
  • No disqualifying restrictions shall be recorded against the applicant. 

There are some following jobs with additional requirements :

  • Seamen: Permission will be granted based on the dimensions of the boat and the intended purpose (fishing/leisure) as outlined in the communication from the relevant agency.
  •  Farmers: The go-ahead (or green light) will be granted based on the farm’s size, its primary operation (such as vegetable and fruit production, livestock raising, or entertainment), and a corresponding letter of authorization from the relevant governing body.
  • Herdsman/Shepherd: Green light will be given to applicants with livestock if they possess a certificate from the Ministry of Ecology, and the number of employees will be determined in accordance with the number of cattle they own.

MOI Services Centre

A fee Table of Visas:

Visas NameFees
Work Visa on Company SponsorshipQR 300
Entry Visa on Personal Sponsorship for House WorkerQR 300
Entry Visa for Work for those in the status of Household WorkersQR 300


There are two types of work visas in Qatar and I mention them in the article.

Upon arrival, you can convert your visa into a residency permit that allows you to work. Just make sure you have a locked-in job offer from a local company to sponsor you before applying for this work permit.

This version is more conversational and emphasizes the benefit to the reader. It also uses the phrase “locked in” instead of “confirmed” to add a sense of security.