MOI Qatar ID card

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MOI Qatar ID card: To live within any country (whether you are a citizen of it or come from another country outside), you need your identity and to meet this need, the government issues a card to its citizens that shows the identity of this citizen.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) does this within any country, whether it is the government of Pakistan, India, UAE, or Qatar.

The Qatar ID card also known as “Iqama” is a necessary and important document for Qatari people that is framed to citizens of Qatar in the form of a card this card is used as an identity.

This official card helps you to prove your identity and residence in Qatar. It lists your name, date of birth, photo, and a special number. It also holds a chip. This chip is your health insurance chip.

Now the question is why is it necessary?

  • It is legally mandatory in life. It can help you open a bank account, get a license to drive or rent a house, etc.
  • This card helps you to simplify your life. It can be used by doctors, enrolling your children in school, or for official tasks.
  • This card is also helpful in travel. It can be used to travel to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

MOI QID Numbering system

The Qatar ID card number is an 11-digit code that holds several pieces of information about the cardholder. I am showing you two original pictures with the original ID’s number and I will tell you about this sequence. Here’s what each part represents:

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id card numbring detail

First digit: This indicates the century of birth. For example, if you were born between the years 1900 to 1999 your ID’s first digit is 2. If you were born after 1999 (for example you were born in 2000 year or after) then your ID’s first digit is 3.

Look in these pictures the child born in 2007 his first digit is 3 and the other person born in 1982 his first digit is 2.

Next two digits: These represent the last two digits of the year of birth.

See the next two digits in ID number. It is completely matched with their birthday’s years last two digits.

Next three digits: These represent the ISO country code for Qatar, which is 630.

Last five digits: These are a unique sequence number assigned to each individual cardholder.

So, while the Qatar ID card number doesn’t directly tell you things like your name or address, it does encode information about your birth date and nationality, and it serves as a unique identifier for you within the system.

Some people also have two opinions the number of the ID card does not contain any code. It doesn’t contain any specific information about your age nationality or country. It is only a code of 10 numbers the first three parts of which usually identify the specific branch of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), the next six digits serve as the number of the ID card and the rest one digit verifies the correctness of the ID card.

Important Notices

  • Due to the privacy policy, don’t share your QID Number with anyone except authorized individuals or institutions otherwise it can be crucial or bad for you.
  • The QID Number is not a public identifier, and its meaning is not readily apparent just by looking at the number.
  • If you need to verify the validity or authenticity of your QID, it’s best for you to contact the relevant authorities in Qatar.

Now we will talk about what is the importance of this card in the life of a person, let’s try to find out a few facts about why ID is important to us in Qatar. First, we will talk about the types of cards used in Qatar.

There are five types of cards being used in Qatar.

  • Number one Qatar National Card also known as the national ID.
  • The second is a resident permit card.
  • The third one is a municipality card.
  • The fourth business ID card.
  • Qatar Health card

If you want to read more about how to apply and get MOI Qatar ID “click here“.

Resident ID (RP ID):

If any member of your family already lives in Qatar and you want to go there and start your new life, it is very important for you to understand the process of obtaining Qatar’s residence permit so that you do not have to face difficulties later.

State of Qatar residency permit is that allows strangers outside to work and live in Qatar and it is essential for all those who live in Qatar to work.

MOI Qatar ID card

It is issued by the Ministry of Interior (MOI). This residence permit has a certain period after which it either has to renew or leave the country and return to its country.

This permit covers a time of about five years. Some time ago, the Qatar government stopped using RP stickers in passports.

Therefore, every foreigner now has a residence permit in the form of a card called QID in Qatar. It contains his photo, name, date of birth, nationality, profession, sponsor information, and 11-digit Code house.

Municipality ID:

Temporary residence permits within Qatar also called municipality ID department issued by the Municipal Committee.

This permit gives temporary legal permission to stay in the country for a short period. This permit is given to those persons who need temporary accommodation in Qatar for example small projects that do not above six months. This permit is obtained if a company, relative, or someone sponsors and applies for it. You cannot stay above six months on this card because the permit duration is six months and can also be extended again.

Business ID (CR):

The ID or business identification number (CR) of a Qatari business is actually your company’s ID, as is your national ID card. Without this number, your business cannot operate legally in Qatar.  Now the question is why is CR necessary?

Think this is your company’s birth certificate. It is also necessary to open a bank account, obtain a license to run a business, sign legal papers with government offices, and for pay taxes. Now the question is How to get CR?

Go to any “commercial registration center” where they will collect your company information. It can be complicated, at first talking to a specialist for help is a good idea. They give you the CR number. Remember, this number is valid for five years and has to be remade later. You can check your CR number online. This number will be on all your official business papers.

Simply put, CR is the legitimacy of your company and without it, you can’t do business!

Moi Health Card:

Qatar health card

Whether you are a resident of any country it is very important to have a health card for hygiene. This card is issued by the government providing access to subsidised health services in public hospitals and clinics to people residing in any country.
Similarly, this card is also provided by the government of Qatar to residents within Qatar. The size of this card is equal to the size of a driver’s license. This card lists the resident’s ID number national photo and health card issue date.

This card also provides access to health facilities in public hospitals and clinics to foreign residents living with valid permits in Qatar.
One of the advantages of this card is that you can buy prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor at lower rates than a government pharmacy. You can also use this card in other government activities such as education and public transport.

So we have one thing in mind, you can’t get all the treatment with this card. It helps to treat some hemorrhoids.
Remember that if you have a dentist, you cannot use your health card if you want to be treated by a doctor with plastic surgery. Every five years you have to get it renovated.
I will provide you with a description of how you apply for this card separately.

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